Top 5 Benefits of Siding

Drive down any residential street and you’ll notice dozens of houses that feature siding. What makes this such a popular addition for homeowners? 

Here are five benefits siding offers:

  • Attractiveness: Siding can make your home look fantastic. The right color and style of siding breathes new life into your home and provides enhanced curb appeal. Consider a color and style that complements your home’s existing palette and architecture.
  •  Energy-Efficiency: New siding is an opportunity to enhance your home’s insulation — especially if you own an older home. You may also consider a house wrap that protects your home from wind and precipitation. And the energy efficient siding itself helps to insulate your home.
  • Protection: Siding is designed to take a beating. When harsh weather conditions strike, your siding will resist the wind, the rain, the snow and other elements. And for those with kids, siding also resists the impact of soccer balls and other projectiles.
  • Rejuvenation: If the sides of your home are becoming worn and faded, new siding is a great way to achieve a fresh look. You won’t have to repaint, re-stain or power wash your existing façade — just add new siding and get the pop that you want out of your home.
  • Savings: You’ll save money when you choose new siding. Not only is installation affordable, you’ll reduce your heating and cooling costs. There’s little maintenance, and siding is difficult to damage.

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