Choosing an Exterior Remodeling Company

More Than Meets the Eye | Choosing an Exterior Remodeling Company

When it comes to remodeling the outside of your home, there’s more than meets the eye. That is to say that the aesthetics of an exterior remodel are only one part of the equation. The quality of work, the support you receive, and the materials used are every bit as important as the final appearance. While choosing a remodeling company can seem stressful, there are some simple things you can do to ensure you select a partner that provides everything you really need and not just a pretty result.

We’ve put together four tips to help guide you in choosing the right team for your exterior remodel. After reading this post you should have an excellent idea of what to do and what to ask to make sure you make a great decision and that your upcoming external remodel is completed successfully and holds up long term.

Remember Your Project is Unique

The remodeling company website can be a great way to take a look at finished work. Whether you’re looking for a new asphalt roof or looking to replace windows, a portfolio of completed work is an excellent starting point for evaluating exterior remodeling companies.  Our recommendation is to pay careful attention to any photos available that more closely resemble the scope of your own upcoming project.

In addition, ask for resources that are similar to the project you envision. Most exterior remodeling companies keep a significant number of photos and images above and beyond what is displayed on their websites. They should be willing to not only share those photos with you but also walk you through the details so you can better evaluate the quality of their work. Photographs and details about projects that closely resemble your own in terms of scope and materials can be very informative as you choose what company will handle your remodel.

Ask for References

While reviews on websites and social media can be helpful as you choose an exterior remodeling company, more meaningful is time spent talking to real customers one-on-one. A reputable exterior remodeling company should have two or three recently completed projects where the homeowner is willing to spend five or ten minutes on the phone with you.

Is the company likely to connect you with their happiest customers? Certainly. But you can still ask questions about whether or not the project stayed on schedule, how the company handled things like cost overruns, and how responsive and communicative the contractor was before, during, and after the work. The “customer voice” will help you better understand what it is like to work with the remodeling company.

Speaking of…

Any project in or around your home is likely to require excellent communication and support from your remodeling partner. Nothing is worse than being partway through the project and your project manager falling radio silent. That’s not to say you should be calling or emailing at all hours of the day, but generally, responsive communication provides both the confidence and information you’ll want to have as the project progresses. You certainly don’t want to be left in the dark while the exterior of your home is being worked on!

Wondering how to evaluate responsiveness and communication? Pay attention to how long it takes to receive information or a returned phone call while you are in the vendor selection process. A contractor that takes a significant amount of time getting you a proposal or returning your phone call while trying to win your business isn’t likely to improve their communication much after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Tools of the Trade

It should not be a surprise that most exterior remodeling companies have access to most of the same materials.  From windows and doors to shingles and siding, it is highly unlikely that one remodeling company can procure materials that aren’t available anywhere else. This is a good thing!

Because the available materials are likely to be quite similar, pay special attention to which exact materials the remodeler recommends for your project. Do they suggest siding that is a little more expensive but comes with a better warranty? Do they suggest windows that cost significantly less and aren’t likely to hold up? 

You can learn a lot about the quality of eventual work by taking stock of the materials recommended to you.  A quality remodeling partner will work to fit your budget while also choosing the best materials for the job. Good remodeling companies want their work to hold up over time. They want you, the customer, to tell anyone who will listen that their company did an excellent job from start to finish. In short, they want to use the best possible materials to ensure that their craftsmanship and your ultimate satisfaction are insured.

Bringing It All Together

Finding the right exterior remodeling company for your next renovation shouldn’t be a stressful process. The right company is out there, and they are just waiting to do a great job that exceeds your expectations. Finding them is a simple matter of knowing what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to find the level of comfort that fits your needs, your budget, and your expected result.

Our team at HomeStar Remodeling has earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, fair pricing, and exceptional service with homeowners in and around Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  If you’re looking for the right exterior remodeling company or roofing contractor but not sure where to start, contact us here.  We would be excited to talk with you and walk you through the process of having a successful remodel.