5 Types of Kitchen Windows to Choose From

Thinking of renovating your kitchen but discouraged by the cost? Many homeowners don’t realize that simply replacing their kitchen windows with a new design of style can create a dramatic new look far less expensively than a full renovation.

As you consider your new kitchen window options, here’s a brief explanation of five kitchen window styles:

    • Double-Hung Windows: This classic look provides fantastic ventilation. Double-hung windows allow you to open the top half while keeping the bottom half closed.
    • Casement Windows: Casement windows offer outward crank opening rather than sliding up or down. When you picture flinging the windows open to let fresh spring or fall air in, you’re picturing casement windows.
    • Awning Windows: Let the breeze in when you choose awning windows. Awning windows open upward rather that swinging out from the side.
    • Picture Windows: When you desire superior natural light and unobstructed views, nothing beats a picture window. Picture windows are clear and without framing, but they’re not great for ventilation. Consider placing them high in walls or in hard-to-reach areas of your kitchen.
    • Bay Windows: Bay windows provide multiple views. They provide air circulation, natural light and character when placed over sinks adjacent to breakfast room tables and in other areas of your kitchen.

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