5 Most Common Spring Roofing Issues

Your roof deserves an inspection at least twice a year. Fall and spring are great times to take a look and identify areas that need maintenance or repair. Why fall and spring? In fall, your roof has just taken a summer’s worth of heat and UV rays. In spring, your roof has just endured a winter’s worth of cold, snow and ice, which can wreak all sorts of havoc.

Here are five things to look for as you begin your spring inspection:

    • Clogged Gutters: Your gutters are important because they help your roof channel precipitation away and onto the ground. Through the winter, snow and ice have led to the accumulation of all sorts of debris in your gutters. Make sure that they can properly clear spring rains by blowing away and cleaning out this debris.
    • Sagging Gutters: Icicles can be a big issue for gutters and roofs. If icicles accumulate on your gutters this winter, those gutters may not perform at their peak. Conduct a visual inspection to see if icicles have inhibited your gutters’ ability to channel away precipitation.
    • Busted Shingles: Look for curling or buckling shingles. After a winter of taking a beating from ice and snow, some shingles may begin losing their granules. Replace shingles that look overly buckled or curled, as well as ones that have lost a large number of granules.
    • Leaky Flashings: Flashings are the metal areas around chimneys and other roof fixtures. They prevent leaks, but sometimes harsh weather conditions lead to damage. Inspect your flashings to ensure they are in good shape after months of winter precipitation.
    • Light-Filled Attics: A look into the attic is always important when assessing your roof. You always want a well-insulated, well-ventilated attic to prevent condensation. Ensure the integrity of your roof by taking a glance into the attic. If you see light streaming in from an area of your roof, that area needs immediate attention.

If you’re experiencing roof challenges, get in touch with HomeStar Remodeling. We deliver reliable service that can help extend maintain your roof through spring as well as year-round.

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